The Beginning….or is it….

Today as I reflect on things that I want to do in life, I have discovered that I want to do a whole bunch! Write a book, become a clinical counselor, start a business,  generate income to leave to my daughter for many years to come, get in the best shape of my life.  All of these things need to start with multiple goals and some plans.

I have had goals for much of my life however, Life gets in the way and I get side tracked.  Like what I am doing right now, starting my blog.  Last year at this same time, I wanted to do so much, once again…I got side tracked.  I can say that last year this time I was drowning in debt, not this year.   I have paved the way for me to see a clear path and to stay that way.  It has not been easy but, with preparation things will continue to go as planned.  This coming year, I want things to be different and to stay different.  What can I do in order to make things different this year, 1. Get the motivation to move things forward and 2. break down my goals in small  measurable bites in order to succeed….


Mussings of Life

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